LabImage 4.1 update is available

The LabImage 4.1 update is available and provides new features and improvements. The layout has been adapted and the license system has been revised and is now available as browser-based activation. Further devices were added, as well as a large number of detail improvements and fixes. The integration of the Dynablot Automatic into LabImage LA has been enhanced and now even supports the workflow in the lab better. The installer packages are available for the operating systems Windows, iOS and Linux for download and update via the LabImage Application Pool.

Kapelan at Medica 2016

Meet the Kapelan team at Medica in Düsseldorf, Germany. We present our fully automated system for strip analysis.

New release featuring LabImage Application Pool

The LabImage Platform is a software framework build upon latest software technology for use on different operating systems. It provides modules to cover each of your requirements. Starting with core modules for image analysis and data processing and data storage the LabImage Platform can be used to set up even full imaging processes and analysis workflows. LabImage can even control external devices as digital cameras and motorized stages and the LabImageR reader series to acquire images for further analysis.

But the LabImage Platform is made to cover more: The team concentrated on batch processing of images and routine use up to 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.

Still the LabImage Platform is nothing without the right use case. The desired work is done by the applications (apps) which are seamless included and based on the functionality of the platform. Each app can use the modules as device controlling, batch processing, imaging and many more to provide exactly the workflow in image analysis you want.

The apps can be downloaded from a pool of applications straight into the LabImage Platform – this is the LabImage Application Pool.

On start we do offer apps for 1D gel analysis, cell and colony counting up to strip analysis. We have made more custom apps for different use cases as structure and cell analysis up to test analysis on micro plates.

Scientific Paper recommends LabImage 1D for best calculation

scientific comparisons study of 1D gel electrophoresis software showed that LabImage 1D provides best results in calculation. The study compared TL120 and LabImage 1D L340 resulting in better quantification and higher reliability and a smaller deviation. The comparison evaluated Phoretix TL 120 and LabImage 1D L340. More details are available on the journals website.

More details are available on the journals website.

LabImage Platform 3.2 released

Today we have released the latest version LabImage Platform 3.2. It is available for download in the download section.

Today we have released the latest version LabImage Platform 3.2. It is available for download in the download section. At the same time LabImage 1D 6.2 was released as well. LabImage 1D is now equipped with a multi-channel comparator for gel and western blot analysis. This brand new tool was made for the SPL technology and provides inter project comparision.

New Trays for LabImager TR available

When LabImager TR was brought to the market it was mainly designed to use as strip reader. Now Kapelan provides more use cases. Using custom trays LabImager TR can be used as colony counter or micro plate reader. In combination with the right app from the LabImage Application Pool specific analysis system can be created.

New software for strip based tests in diagnostics

Computer based automation of high throughput processes reduce error rate in daily routine of laboratories

The serological evidence of infections in form of strip-based tests is an important part of the daily routine in laboratories. With immune-competent proteins (antibody) coated plastic strips are used for the detection of pathogen germs (antigen). For instance the proof of sepsis (“blood poisoning”) causing bacteria (like Stapholococcus aureus) and their resistances are accomplished in this way. Related to the current discussions about the rise of antibiotic resistance a fast and precise analysis of pathogen germs can be live saving. Another example for strip-based diagnostic is lyme disease (or borreliosis) transmittering by ticks to humans.

In Europe the infection rate of ticks with borrelia is nearly 30%. Lyme disease may affect all organs. If the diagnosis is made too late, a life-long painful illness of the nervous system can be the consequence. In contrast to ticks transferred disease (encephalitis caused by viruses) there is no vaccine against lyme disease.

Because of similar symptoms wrong identification may happen with multiple sclerosis (MS, where steroidal, anti-inflammatory agents and not antibiotics are given.)

Only an early diagnosis and following treatment with antibiotics leads to good results.

Fast and safe tests can avoid serious consequences for patients.

A powerfully lab analysis software is essential to get reliable, correct measuring results and should contain:
Precise and fast strip detection
Parallel and multi test analysis
Minimize number of clicks during analysis
Suggest automatic diagnosis based on defined parameters

LabImage LA, the new program for strip-based tests exactly corresponds to the market requirements.

LabImage is developed by the German experts of bio-imaging software, the Leipzig company Kapelan Bio-Imaging.

The evaluation process is extremely simplified. It is focused on a minimum number of clicks to get best results. The high level of automation will increase effective. Unnecessary repetition of measurements can be avoided, negative effects for patients too. The Kapelan focused on data security as well.

LabImage LA will set new standards for image processes in strip diagnostics. The daily user will highly benefits from efficient, easy-to use software that meets the requirements to state-of-the-art programs for strip diagnostics.