The LabImage 4.0 is the latest release of the LabImage software environment and comes with a complete new interface for better touch compliance. Then start screen of LabImage was redesigned for better usability. The app workflow provides better touch support. The icon bar and other interface objects where optimized for better user experience








Support for many more readers, cameras even smartphones
LabImage 4.0 has a built-in device management to aquire images from a wide range of imagers, readers and even smartphones. You can use your smartphone (iOS, Android) as camera to capture images via remote connection. This will turn your smartphone into your own mobile imager to capture e.g. colony plates.
The latest device support covers our own reader LabImager TR and many more as: Dynablot Automatic for automated strip processing, IDS cameras, stages like Maerzhaeuser and Prior and many more. See the list of supported devices.

Extensions to provide even more features in apps
As a main part of LabImage 4.0 each app can use so called extensions. Extensions provide more features based on the power of apps. They extend the features and provide custom solutions. See the first extensions we made for LabImage 1D.

See list extension dendrogram for 1D Gels

Improved look and feel on Win 7 and Win 10
LabImage 4.0 provides more options to customize the look and feel as well as flexibility on finding the right setup configuration. A large set of code optimization leads to more performance.