• The LabImage LA is an application developed for the evaluation of strip based tests. With modules for LIMS integration, a very easy and intuitive workflow, well-structured user interface and reliable reporting, LabImage LA is easy to integrate in every laboratory process.

    It significantly increases the efficiency of any analysis evaluation process for all types of strip based tests like lateral flow, line assays, immuno- and western blots. The LabImage LA offers a high level of automation, an easy expandability for new tests, standardized processes and an extensive level of configuration. The result is an immense saving of working hours and costs.


  • Main Features of LabImage LA

    Intuitive User Interface
    LabImage LA is developed for evaluation of strip based tests like lateral flows, line assays, immuno- and western or southern blots. It increases the efficiency of any strips analyses process. Our application provides a scalable software environment for various strip based tests.

    External Graphical Editor
    LabImage LA is the first application worldwide providing an extern graphical editor for strip test creation. Therefore the application is simple to handle and has an extremely user-friendly interface. New tests can easily be loaded into the analysis. Image analyses parameter and views are individual adaptable to customer requirements. New tests can be created in minutes and validated without any modification of main application and workflow.

    Fully Automated Strip Analysis
    LabImage LA is characterized by an extreme high level of automation and standardization. In this way the application is able to prevent errors and costs. LabImage LA recognize strips very precisely. Even strips having shadows and high or uneven background level are detected in a single step. Analysis rules can be created using the built-in graphical rules editor.

    LabImage LA includes a vendor independent integration into any laboratory information and management system (LIMS) to exchange data. It provides easy and secure data mapping, conversions tools and script based data handling. An adaptable acquisition module allows to scan or import strip image files.

    Unique Well Detection Technique
    LabImage LA provides precise well-detection within the sample trays. With this new recognition technique a unique strip allocation to the respective patient is possible.

    Fault-tolerant Software
    LabImage LA is capable to detect stripes in trays which are not in the perfect position. Even if they lie in the tray, the program can then detect and analyze the stripes correctly. The program also is able to spot stripes with damaged heads. Sometimes the heads are teared off if they were handled with forceps.

    List of Features
    Interface and Handling
    – easy to use workflow-guided analysis
    – fully customizable user interface
    – context-sensitive tutorial
    – video tutorial, web support
    – high level of configuration
    – single strip view for better control

    Image Acquisition
    – import common image formats (tiff, jpg, bmp)
    – load 8/16 bit image files
    – import images from cameras or scanners

    Device Control
    – control scanners
    – predefine of scanning routines
    – control cameras
    – import images using image calibration

    Strip Detection
    – full automatic strip detection with
    adjustable parameters
    – manual strip correction
    – adjustable method to reduce backgroud noise
    – exact band detection

    Analysis Rules Editor
    – create and edit analysis rules
    – graphical analysis rules editor
    – apply rules to strips
    – manage vendor-independend rules
    – secure submission of tests to client

    – reports can be customized
    – editor to modify reports

    Patient Data Import
    – import patient data manually
    – import patient data via LIMS
    – mapping, converting and processing of data

    – create and edit macros
    – apply macros to single images
    – apply macros to image stacks

    Parallel Processing of Tests
    – parallel loading and processing of tests
    – group test (IG types) in tabs

    Test Processing for different Vendors
    – processing of different vendors within same installation
    – individual parameters for each vendor
    Patient History and Database Search
    – show patient history
    – search database for several criteria

    Additional Features
    – stand-alone and network licenses
    – included network license server
    – flexible license updates
    – individual strip and band naming
    – multi user system with centralized data storage

    Imaging Platform
    – based on powerful Bio-Imaging Software LabImage®
    – online/offline updates
    – runs on Windows and Mac
    – database storage
    – undo/redo concept
    – CE/IVD compliant

    – LabImager TR reader to read strips out od trays

    For more details on the features of LabImage LA and the different versions we offer download the feature list.

  • LabImage LA supports fully automated processing of strips with Dynablot Automatic.

    Strips can also be scanned with LabImager TR.

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Main Features

  • Workflow Guided Analysis
  • Highest Level in Strip Detection
  • Most advanced in Automation
  • Available in English and German
  • CE/IVD compliant
  • Grafical Test Editor
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