The LabImage Platform – a new approach for all Bio-Imaging needs

The LabImage Platform provides a compre­hensive approach for all bio-imaging needs, including several applications with excellent analysis quality, data storage handling and licensing control, managed by a single user interface.

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LabImage Platform Structure

labimage platform komplett

This grafic shows the structure of LabImage Platform. It consists of a core system and extensions.

Core Features

Runs on Win/Mac/Linux
Process and Image Analysis Toolbox
Automated Workflows
21 CFR Part 11 compliant
LabImage Application Pool

Latest Use Cases
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LabImage Application Pool
Latest Apps in LabImage Application Pool

Benefits for user
Access to a pool of imaging apps with straight download opportunity
Free trial Versions
Easy license handling with online order option
Guaranteed easy software maintenance through online updates
Exchange of data in working groups or cooperative work on central data base
Customized apps for better to your requirements
All apps follow the same user interface
No need for extensive training

Benefits for cooperation partner
All of the imaging apps can be customized to adapt your needs
Customized apps for better to your requirements
Faster time to market
Applications are regularly updated
All apps are combined in a single environment
All apps follow the same interface idea