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Microtek Bio-1000F

Bio-1000F is an innovative, user-friendly, and cost-effective fluorescence gel imager that integrates image capture, gel preview, and gel extraction essential for routine nucleic acid and protein gel electrophoresis. With the combination of high-sensitivity CCD system and Blue-LED illuminators, Bio-1000F is compatible with all EtBr-alternative fluorescent stain and provides the publication-quality image up to 0.04 ng per band, significantly enhancing the fluorescent signal expression over other gel documentation systems dependent on UV and Blue-LED light sources.

Incorporating removable filter plate and the LabImage Scan interface, users can visualize banding pattern and conduct gel extraction directly on Bio-1000F for more convenient operation without movement between trans-illuminator and gel imager. The compact design especially enables Bio-1000F to fit in crowded laboratory space. Bio-1000F features an integrated, environmental friendly, and ultra-sensitive gel imager for researchers, dedicated to improve the laboratory safety and gel electrophoresis process efficiency.

Mictotek Bio-1000F