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    As a leading provider of bioinformatics software, Kapelan Bio-Imaging develops easy-to-use solutions for molecular biology research. Some small objects may be hard to recognize by research staff, while bio imaging brings innovative solutions. In this fast-growing market segment, Kapelan Bio-Imaging provides universities, pharmaceutical companies and diagnostic laboratories with powerful bioinformatics solutions. LabImage, the company’s powerful imaging platform, stands for excellent user interaction and optimal workflow support.

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    The story behind the name Kapelan
    Experts of the pisciculture, gourmets and goodies know it, the silver-skinned salmon called Kapelan (capelin) – in Germany also known as Lodde (lat.: Mallotus Villosus). It lives on the surface as well as in the deep of 300 meters and lives in Faroese, Icelandic, Norwegian and British waters. It protects its partner with its flippers, when it dives down to the sea ground. Its aim is the continuity, the development and the future.

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    Career at Kapelan
    Kapelan Bio Imaging offers many interesting job descriptions in the field of Bio-Imaging image analysis as well as the development of comprehensive software platforms.We are always looking for motivated people with an interest in imaging and bio-informatics applications.

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    As spin-off of a German diagnostics specialist in cancer prevention, Kapelan Bio-Imaging launched its first software product for 1D gel analysis in 1999. In the next few years, the company developed several additional bioinformatics solutions, including software for fluorescence imaging and blot analysis.

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