What is LabImage?

Is LabImage the right tool?

Why using LabImage?

LabImage is a modern software to provide imaging applications for routine, pharma and research. LabImage controls readers so you don’t have to worry about integration. LabImage will provide the best workflow so you can accelarate your everyday tasks.     

If your are a researcher – LabImage is perfect because your app is a single click away. If your work in pharma segment – LabImage is perfect as it supports FDA part 11 compliance. If you work in routine diagnostics – LabImage supports your workflows. 

LabImage is a modern and plugable software framework. LabImage provides the needed tools to create custom imaging apps and analysis systems. It is made for a broad range of use cases from research to routine with the easiest workflow support.    

LabImage Use Cases

Micro Plate Analysis in Food Testing

This application was made to analyze MPN cell counts in micro plates. It works in lab routine.  

1D Gels for Routine

This application was made to analyze 1D gels in combination with a custom reader. It was intend to work in doctors office.

Analysis of Crystallization Processes

This application was made to analyze structures in cristaline processes. It is based on neural networkes providing expert training.

LabImage Apps – the right tool only a click away

Colony and Cell Counting

Analysis for Line Assays and Blots

1D Gels and Western Blots

Object Analyser for Colony Plates

Image Measurement and Object Detection