Multi Channel Western Blots with Smart Protein Layers (SPL) Technology

Smart Protein Layers (SPL) is a new standard-based technology for stain-free & quantitative analysis of protein gels and Western blots. It combines a rapid & high sensitivity protein visualization using powerful Smart Labels with a new quality of normalization, standardization and quantification of protein expression.

The normalization, standardization and quantification of protein gels and Western blots is based on a sample-depending bi-fluorescent standard, the Smartalyzer. The Smartalyzer is added to each sample prior separation. A second standard, the Calibrator, applied to the gel allows for accurate quantification of data derived from different experiments (e.g. analysis of different Western blots). The Calibrator works also as a fluorescent protein ladder.
The quick and easy calculation of your data takes place via LabImage 1D SPL. It automatically uses SMA basic color, SMA label color and protein signal to perfectly normalize total protein of gels and blots. The normalization of target protein expression can precisely be performed with our software solution using the LabImage Project Comparator.

The comparator was essentially made for the SPL system to compare data out of different projects. So it can load data from 2 or more projects and compare or calculate new values. For the SPL system we used normalized volumes out of 4 separate projects.

The LabImage Comparator can be used for other applications as well even if data was created by another LabImage app.

More information on the SPL technique at NH Dyeagnostics and