Custom Bio-Imaging Applications

This is a list of custom development we created for several clients. Each application was made for a very specific use case and is therefore straight forward.

Micro Plate Analysis in Food Testing

This application was made to analyze MPN cell counts in micro plates. It works in lab routine.  

1D Gels for Routine

This application was made to analyze 1d gels in combination with a custom reader. It was intend to work in doctors office.

Analysis of Crystallization Processes

This application was made to analyze structures in cristaline processes. It is based on neural networkes providing expert training systems.

Kapelan Bio-Imaging provides customized bio-imaging services and development. Current applications can be tailored to your specific needs and completely integrated into existing infrastructures. In addition, we develop and deploy a wide range of imaging applications based on the LabImage Platform to particular needs.

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