Multi-Mode Multi-App - the 3 MA Concept

LabImage 3MA Concept

The 3MA concept is a brand new idea to join the best of 2 worlds: data acquisition and data analysis into a single, well integrated touch-based system for data analysis in routine use.      

The Multi-Mode Part

To get the most out of your system a deep and broad device controlling forms the base for any 3MA system. 3MA offers custom device controlling and joins controlling steps into the workflow you need. In e.g. LabImager MR you can acquire white light fluorescence imaging from sample on 2 micro plates. Depending on the required process, the capture process is defined. Each process can therefore be completely different but it is still based on the same device. You can use your device for multi applications as each process is a combination of single steps.

The Multi-App Part

Apps are now take over and offer exactly to analysis steps you need. Each app is custom made to the process you need but sill based on the same device and features. Apps can be selected from an applications pool and loaded to the system. The controlling and analysis steps is combined into a simple but straightforward user interface. You can use your device to capture the image data you need and run analysis the need.