The LabImage Idea

The LabImage Platform provides a compre­hensive approach for all bio-imaging needs, including several applications with excellent analysis quality, data storage handling and licensing control, managed by a single user interface.

LabImage Apps
The LabImage Applications are based on the modular structure and functionality of the LabImage software. It provides the precise environment for analysis of image based material and a unique graphic surface.
The LabImage Application Pool brings different imaging applications straight to your desktop. It is part of the LabImage Platform and let you download the right piece of imaging software (apps) via online update to your Windows, Macintosh or Linux computer.

LabImager Reader Serie
The LabImageR reader series consists of specific readers for use in routine diagnostics mainly. The readers are made to work in close combination with the LabImage Platform. They are built to deliver a fully integrated workflow to provide a more efficient and flexible process.
More about LabImager TR – der Reader für die Auswertung streifenbasierter Tests.

LabImage Module
The LabImage platform offers a variety of modules for any user looking for comprehensive bio-imaging software with a workflow-guided approach and an easy way of working.
Lesen Sie mehr zu den bereits verfügbaren Modulen