LabImage Software

LabImage 4.0
The new LabImage version 4.0 will bring many new features and better user interfaces.
– Touch optimized
– Support for readers, camera, devices, webcams, smartphone
– Optimized workflows for better touch support
– New start perspektive

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LabImage Software – a new approach for all Bio-Imaging needs
The LabImage Software provides a compre­hensive approach for all bio-imaging needs, including several applications with excellent analysis quality, data storage handling and licensing control, managed by a single user interface.



Application Pool
The LabImage Application Pool is a set of Apps that can be loaded directly into the LabImage Software.

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Use Cases
With the LabImage software many different use cases can be worked on. Look at our applications to find the right tool for your needs! Strip detection an analysis with the LabImage LA1D Gel analysis and calculations with the LabImage 1D Counting and classification of cells, colonys and objects with the LabImage CC.Simple detection and measuring of objects with the LabImage SI



Benefits for User

– Access to a pool of imaging apps with straight download opportunity
– Free trial Versions, Easy license handling
– Guaranteed easy software maintenance through online updates
– Exchange of data in working groups or cooperative work on central database
– Customized apps for better to your requirements, all apps follow the same user interface
– No need for extensive training

LabImage Modules
The LabImage platform offers a variety of modules for any user looking for comprehensive bio-imaging software with a workflow-guided approach and an easy way of working.

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