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LabImager PR as Petri Dish Analyzer

The new LabImager PR offers a different way of handling, digitalization and sorting of petri dishes. Process your dishes without necessarily being in the same room!

See the reader in action and read more about the LabImager PR.


Latest News

April 20, 2016

Kapelan at Analytica in Munich, Germany

Meet the Kapelan team at the Analytica Fair in Munich Germany. We will attend Thursday and Friday (May, 12./13.). We...

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March 22, 2016 / Applications

New release featuring LabImage Application Pool

The LabImage Platform is a software framework build upon latest software technology for use on different operating systems. It provides...

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Why work with us?

  • LabImage is one of latest software environments in the market. It combines a proven principle from the smart phone sector to load new apps with a unique and modern interface and automation concept. New apps are only a single click away. This makes LabImage a valuable tool for your every day use.
    Learn more on the LabImage Application Pool and the Apps.

  • Our readers are made for close cooperation with the LabImage Platform. Learn how reader and imaging work hand in hand for fast and reliable analysis.
    Read more in the readers.

  • LabImage was made to be used in an broad range of applications. See the client specific software we made to get an idea of how LabImage can be used. Based on existing apps we customized them for even better workflows using the LabImage extensions.
    Read more on the custom solutions.

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