21 CFR Part 11 compliant system in Western Blots and 1D Gels Analysis

Fully Part 11 compliant system for Blot and 1D Gel analysis. Our answer to data integrity.

Multi Channel Western Blots mit Smart Protein Layers SPL

This technology uses LabImage 1D for fast and reliable results.

Batch Processing for 1D Gels and Blots with predefined methodes

Analyze batches of gel and blot images in seconds and create your own methodes

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Latest News

ISO 13485 certification successfully confirmed

Kapelan Bio-Imaging has successfully passed the ISO 13485 audit for medical devices After the initial audit of the quality management system according to ISO 13485 in March 2022, Kapelan Bio-Imaging…



LabImage is a modern software environment to create image analysis apps for Research, Pharma and Routine. LabImage works like your smartphone. You can load apps into the software.

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About Us.

Kapelan Bio-Imaging

Kapelan Bio-Imaging is a bio-imaging company from Leipzig, Germany. We develop and distribute software and imager for digital image analysis in research, routine and pharma.



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