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  • Certificate for ISO 13485 granted

    Kapelan Bio-Imaging is certified supplier according to ISO 13485 for medical devices After successfully completing all inspections, Kapelan Bio-Imaging received the ISO 13485 certificate by beginning of June 2022. From now on, the developer and distributor of software solutions for digital image analysis in laboratory diagnostics demonstrably complies with the highest international standards in this …Read More »
  • Quality management system for ISO 13485 fully implemented according to the latest standards in software development

    Kapelan Bio-Imaging GmbH is a developer and distributor of software solutions for digital image analysis in laboratory diagnostics based in Leipzig, Germany. The software is used in scientific and medical research as well as in clinical laboratory routine or in the pharmaceutical industry and is marketed worldwide. However, increasingly complex global networking of different players …Read More »
  • Professional metadata management with new LabImage 1D Metadata Extension

      With the new Metadata Extension, Kapelan Bio-Imaging provides an extension for the world-wide established LabImage 1D, which simplifies the input and handling of additional data (metadata). Users are enabled to quickly and efficiently store metadata for their 1D imaging analysis and use it for later searches. The cumbersome paper-based recording of experimental conditions, annotations, …Read More »
  • New Release 4.5 of LabImage

    Kapelan publishes new software version for LabImage, Long Term Support Version, risk assessment according to ISO 13485. With the version LabImage Core 4.5, the new release will be published right before Christmas. Kapelan used the time to make some optimizations to the LabImage software. A large part of the work was spent in device handling …Read More »
  • Statement for error in modul Log4J in LabImage

    According to the assessment of the German Bundesamts für Informationssicherheit (BSI), the Java library Log4J contains critical errors that can lead to a serious threat in the area of IT security. This mainly affects server systems in which the module is used as part of the architecture. According to the BSI, only online systems can …Read More »