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  • New innovative solution for EPO diagnostics

    With LabImage 1D EPO, Kapelan Bio-Imaging presents a software solution specifically for routine EPO diagnostics. This approach is based on the established LabImage 1D platform combining the advantages of specific adaptability to individual laboratory processes with the possibilities of high-throughput image analysis. This is made possible, on the one hand, …Read More »
  • New Netflix series Biohackers features LabImage 1D software

    With its recent productions the pay TV provider Netflix is used to creating a stir, and its new highly topical series Biohackers, launched in the middle of the corona crisis, is no exception. The series revolves around a medical student who enrolls at a leading university on a secret mission …Read More »
  • New scanner available especially for part 11 compliant system

    With the Epson Perfection V800/850, Kapelan integrates a new scanner into LabImage. The transmitted light scanner works up to 4 OD and delivers an outstanding price / performance ratio. Particularly in combination with a LabImage Part 11 system, it will sensibly expand Kapelan’s portfolio. In parallel, the Microtek Bio-1000F will …Read More »
  • Start of implementation for own scanning user interface

    We started to implement our own scanning user interface to provide an even closer integration of scanner and part 11 compliant analysis software. Doing this we able to control more scanners with better flexibility. We started with Epson V800/V850 scanner which is a valuable transmissive scanner with excellent scanning results …Read More »
  • Kapelan receives an order to supply a 21 CFR Part 11 compliant system for 1D gel evaluation

    After an intensive phase of test runs and validations, Kapelan receives an order to supply a 21 CFR Part 11 compliant system for 1D gel evaluation. The GMP-certified protein production / CMO customer has evaluated many aspects of the system and rated Kapelan positively in a customer audit. The focus …Read More »