New release featuring LabImage Application Pool

The LabImage Platform is a software framework build upon latest software technology for use on different operating systems. It provides modules to cover each of your requirements. Starting with core modules for image analysis and data processing and data storage the LabImage Platform can be used to set up even full imaging processes and analysis workflows. LabImage can even control external devices as digital cameras and motorized stages and the LabImageR reader series to acquire images for further analysis.

But the LabImage Platform is made to cover more: The team concentrated on batch processing of images and routine use up to 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.

Still the LabImage Platform is nothing without the right use case. The desired work is done by the applications (apps) which are seamless included and based on the functionality of the platform. Each app can use the modules as device controlling, batch processing, imaging and many more to provide exactly the workflow in image analysis you want.

The apps can be downloaded from a pool of applications straight into the LabImage Platform – this is the LabImage Application Pool.

On start we do offer apps for 1D gel analysis, cell and colony counting up to strip analysis. We have made more custom apps for different use cases as structure and cell analysis up to test analysis on micro plates.